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The rich text section contains general articles on photography. Some of these provide information, while some are an extension of my thoughts. Read at leisure.

Why Photography?

After a recent shoot, a non-photographer who was with us asked, “Now what, after you have taken the photographs?” Funnily, no one had a substantial answer to that question. Think about it. If you are a photographer – where do your photos eventually go? To flickr, or your website maybe. And how many people would […]

Protecting Camera Gear from Rain

Newbie photographs sometimes worry about dust or finger stains on the front of the lens element or on the shutter mirror. But there is a far more dangerous enemy that you must protect your camera and lenses from. Your photography gear can suffer permanent damage from moisture and humidity. Cameras and lenses need protection both […]

Camera to Print Series: Do I Post Process my Digital Photos?

A very common question some people ask me after seeing my photos is – “how did you get these colours? Why can’t I get the same? Do you Photoshop them (referring to the popular image editing program, Adobe Photoshop)?” In all likelihood, they want to know if the image they see is straight out of […]

Should You Share Photos Outside of Facebook?

Facebook has become the world’s foremost photo sharing platform. Websites like Flickr and 500px have their own place in the Internet, but Facebook has gained popularity amongst photographers because it revolutionized the concept of instant feedback by introducing the Like button. Are you one of those photographers who goes weak in the knees when you […]

Camera to Print Series: Why You Should Print Your Photos!

Photography is a wildly popular hobby in today’s times. Digital has helped make instant gratification a habit. SLR or point n’ shoot – viewing the LCD at the back of the camera screen is something we have all gotten used to. This is the first level of satisfaction – and generally comes after we go […]

Creative Ways of Shooting Flowing Water

Landscape photography mostly involves shooting static scenes. Mountains, fields, sunrises, sunsets, man made structures and most other elements that make up a landscape photograph are static. But when shooting flowing water, the monotony is broken. This makes capturing water both fun and challenging. How do you photograph water to show movement? Do you always need […]

Five Reasons Why Gear is Important!

I hear a lot of voices on the internet talking about how gear is not important for a photographer. My thoughts on this is a little different. I am sure that those who preach about the unimportance of gear say it in the right spirit – and mean to imply that more than gear, technique […]

Should I buy a Canon 5D Mark IV?

The Canon 5D Mark IV was supposed to be my 8th Canon camera. I have owned the 5D Mark 1, 2, and 3 in the past. My tryst with Canon started back in December of 2005, when I broke the bank to buy my first ever DSLR. I was in my early 20s, with very little […]

Asus Zenfone 3 Max with a Power-Packed Battery and a Picture Perfect Camera – Smart Choice for a Smartphone

Smartphone ownership is on the rise with lifestyle activities slowly shifting into the digital space. With the increasing demand for multi-dimensional smartphones, probably the first thing a consumer would look out for is the battery life – thanks to our never ending affinity towards being stuck to the mobile screens. Not to forget, smartphone cameras […]

How to Plan a Two Week Road Trip in Karnataka

Here is a guide on how to plan a two week road trip to experience the coolest travel destinations in Karnataka. Read on to plan your next 1500km trip!

Interview with Saravana Kumar

Saravana Kumar is an avid traveler and trekker who creates stunning time lapse. He is the founder of India in Motion, a company that specialises in time lapses. This is an interview with Saravana.

Painting and Restoring a Royal Enfield Bullet

I ride a 2009 model Royal Enfield Machismo 500cc Bullet. This model has an AVL engine. There is a legacy associated with Royal Enfields and part of the legacy is its looks. The Machismo is a very handsome motorcycle. I wanted to restore the bike to its original glory. Here is a guide on how […]
Monitor Calibration India

What is Monitor Calibration?

Have you ever tried printing your photographs only to realize that the prints are either too dark or the colors inconsistent? Monitor calibration is one of the steps to achieve faithful reproduction of colors on paper. This article explores the steps involved in calibrating your monitor and some common myths.
Guide to Astrophotography in India

Guide To Astrophotography in India

Astrophotography is a trending topic and close to the heart of nature lovers and those who like to spend time outdoors. Modern cameras are capable of shooting noise-free pictures at very high ISOs. The ability to capture clean images in low light (and hence at high ISO) is essential to shoot the Milky Way and […]

Photographing a Kambala (Buffalo Race)

Kambala is a buffalo race that locals participate in with great vigor. It is a great opportunity to capture rural life and traditions. Here is a guide that offers photography tips to get the best possible shots from a Kambala event.